Out of ‘Sight’ Football – If you’re a football fanatic, this game will make you a NUT!


With a dry-erase pen and your EYES COVERED by a Playbook, how well can you evade tacklers, pass to receivers, or execute kicking plays?  That’s the CHALLENGE of Out of Sight Football !

But beware your opponent’s hidden Linebackers! They can Stuff Runs, Intercept Passes, Cause Fumbles, or Blitz when you least expect it !
Imagine owning a unique dexterity/strategy game of American Football!  And you can add gameboard inserts for Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey – see “other sports” above!  Field is laminated for easy erasure.  Includes:  Kickoffs, Punts, Field Goals, Sacks, Safeties, Blocked Kicks, Fake Kicks, Laterals, Run/Pass Blocking,  Injuries, Clock Management, Slo-Mo Replays, a Playbook with fifteen offensive play choices plus play variations (right, left, middle) for OVER 40 total play choices.  Best for 2 to 6 Players, Ages 12 and up.  Lightweight, 1.5 lbs, and folds into a box 16″ x 10.5″ x 1″. OOS Running Play 1
Above is a running play from left to right that was stopped by a red tackler at the 28 yard line. White tacklers do not stop plays that have already gained 5 Yards. Defensive options are nearly INFINITE because the three blue dots are INDEPENDENTLY MOVABLE DEFENDERS on a hinged overlay. And they stick securely by Static-Cling! Play calling and defensive placement are the keys to victory. A steady hand helps too, as does luck on fumble recoveries. Includes Weather Conditions – Wind, Rain/Snow, Fog, & ‘Frozen Tundra’. r

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