Customize your game…


Upper Deck  (printable from here)

Click below for an upper deck that you can print onto cardstock and attach to stadium.

                                                                Upper Deck

xxxxx                     zzz
Stadium Enhancements  (printable from here)

Click below for images that you can print onto cardstock and then cut to a desired size and insert behind the end zones, or slide them behind the stadium so the image appears above the stadium.  Note: Apply the Hot Dog Stand to the back side of the stadium.

                                                   End Zone Crowd


Hot Dog Stand    Blimp    Pressbox    SkyBoxes    MegaTron    Dome Roof    Gray Sky     Twilight     Stadium Lights (retro)     Stadium Lights (modern)     Pennants & Flags on a Weathered Wall


Football Scoresheets (printable from here)

Keep play-by-play stats by printing the below Scoresheet, . . . or use it online.



Extra Blue Dots

Your local office supply store should have .5 inch blue dots like the ones in the link below.  Although not static-cling, they work well.  You can get them in different colors for different teams.  Try the .75 inch size for a stronger Defense!

                                                                Blue Dots







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