Other Sports

Out of Sight Football converts easily to Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey

For $20 per sport, we will include rules and a laminated playing surface for Basketball, Soccer, or Ice Hockey that you can lay over the football field, PLUS two multi-color nameplates on cardstock of your favorite team or national flag (as in the Olympics) to insert behind the end linesAnd with a personal computer you can create your own nameplates!

Or you can buy a complete Basketball, Soccer, or Ice Hockey game separately PLUS two nameplates of your favorite team – just $49.95!  Add $20 for each additional sport’s rules, laminated playing surface, & nameplates.  Available only in Dallas, TX.  Allow seven days for delivery.  Ages 10 and up.

TO ORDER:  Call 214-735-2004  

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“I’m not a big sports guy, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing these games. Plus, the interfaces are beautiful and quite ornate.” – D.R. Mann Hanson, Common Ground Games, Dallas


We also have Australian Rules Football, below — a fast action sport of booming kicks.

vvvOOS Aussie Stadium

… and now BOXING!  


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