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With an erasable pen and your EYES COVERED by a Playbook, how well can you evade tacklers, pass to receivers, or execute kicking plays?  That’s the CHALLENGE of Out of Sight Football !

But  beware your opponent’s hidden Linebackers!  They can Stuff Runs, Intercept Passes, Cause Fumbles, or Blitz when you least expect it! 
And you can add gameboard inserts for Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey – see Menu above!  Field is laminated for easy erasure.  Includes:  Kickoffs, Punts, Field Goals, Sacks, Safeties, Blocked Kicks, Fake Kicks, Laterals, Run/Pass Blocking, Injuries, Clock Management, Slo-Mo Replays, a Playbook with fifteen offensive play choices plus play variations (right, left, middle) for OVER 40 total play choices.  Best for 2 to 4 Players, Ages 12 and up. Folds into a box 16″ x 10.5″ x 1″. OOS Running Play 1
Above is a running play from left to right that was stopped by a red tackler at the 28 yard line. White tacklers do not stop plays that have already gained 5 Yards. The three blue dots are independently movable Linebackers on a hinged overlay. And they stick securely by non-adhesive Static-Cling!
Includes Weather Conditions – Wind, Rain/Snow, Fog, & ‘Frozen Tundra’. r

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