Q: What prevents someone from peeking when their eyes are “closed”?

In the American Football game they can hide their eyes with the Playbook (which is the size of a restaurant menu). In the other sports, a gray card is included for this purpose.

Q:  How do Optional Weather Conditions affect the American Football game?

Wind affects maximum pass and kick distances. Fog affects maximum pass distances. Rain/Snow makes it harder to make a long gain. And ‘Frozen Tundra’ makes it VERY hard to make a long gain, plus it reduces maximum kick distances due to the ball being hard in cold weather.

The odds of there being Wind is 1:3, Rain/Snow 1:12, Fog 1:18, and Frozen Tundra 1:36.

Q: Can’t the Football field be memorized?

Hardly. There are over 250 symbols on the field, plus the field is entirely different when your team changes ends of the field, as the symbols are not arranged in a mirror image.

Q: How did you come up with this game?

This game began in the 1960′s with players merely trying to avoid obstacles while drawing blind on paper. Over the decades the addition of lamination, dry-erase pens, and movable static-cling obstacles on a hinged overlay made for a much more practical, realistic and enjoyable game.

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